The New Libertarians is a grass roots effort to reform American politics standing on the foundation idea that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights provide the remedy. Both can be read by the average American in less than one hour. They’re written in plain English intended for an 18th century American colonist to be able to understand.

The elections of 2016 demonstrate that the current system doesn’t work. Corruption is rampant. We’re at war all over the world- and the wars are expanding. The rich are getting richer as the middle class is shrinking. Taxation is regressive. Other nations have better healthcare and education- at a much lower price. We imprison more people than any other nation- and at a higher rate than any other nation. The nation runs huge deficits, while the wealthy pay few taxes. Many Americans are underemployed and unemployed, despite overwhelming education debt. The money in politics is overwhelming, and corrupting.

The People are starting to become aware that the Republicans and the Democrats don’t offer any good options. They argue about Hot Button Issueswhich never change- but divide the electorate in half- into two fiercely loyal teams. The result is Gridlock, and no change to the status-quo. This is not unintentional. We are expected to choose between the lesser of two evils, and have no expectations they’ll serve us. And they don’t. Some of us wonder if the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats are real or just Illusions

In the election of 2016 we had a choice between one presidential candidate, a unapologetic Republican Plutocrat- who bragged about corrupting politicians- claimed he knew all the rules and how to cheat… and another-a Democrat who defends her own corruption saying, “I play by the rules of the game”. Both claim to want to change them, but they’ve both prospered under the rules- as they are. Each asks us to believe that they will change the rules of the game which has made them so successful- IF they win the election. Many of us think they’re lying. The winner will get a chance to prove us wrong- but won’t. Then what will we do?

In 2016, 45 years since they were founded- the American Libertarian Party now has ballot access in all 50 states- and most of it goes unused. The classic Libertarian values of Peace, Non-Intervention, Prosperity, Civil Rights, Equal Opportunity, Free and Fair Trade, Fair Taxes, Choice, Limited Government, Individual Liberty and Responsibility are widely shared throughout America. We seek to grow the party and make our candidates viable in all elections. We intend to begin at the bottom of the political structure- the State Representative. We want to be a Libertarian, grassroots, “bottom-up” organization, not an authoritarian “top-down” structure like the Republicans and the Democrats.

We’ll actively recruit candidates and give our candidates the Candidate Website tools they need to learn what their constituencies want from them- and then encourage them to Pledge to represent their Constituency- not the Party, the Party Ideology, or the Big Money behind the Party. We will be inclusive of all types of people and their ideas- including Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Reform, and others- and we’ll enable debate about everything, including the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We intend to be 100% unbiased- and without an agenda except to protect the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, enable the electorate to make Informed Choices , and change-enabling ballot Referendums when they vote- and to Vote! We encourage everyone to call us on any bias- real or perceived, no matter how small- and we’ll address it. The computer and the Internet make REAL Democracy possible today to an extent the Founders could never even DREAM of.

The US Constitution gives us the power to change things peacefully- by voting. Half of Americans rarely vote and they are a huge untapped resource. We can turn the government upside down every two years, if that’s what we choose to do. Our next opportunity to change things will be the elections of 2018, and we intend to be ready- with YOUR help.


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