Mission Statement Revision 8/3/2018

It’s been seven months since I’ve added or deleted anything from our Mission Statement. Our mission remains unchanged, but restating it in the midst of current events can help clarify where we stand on issues which are on the top of our minds. As we go into the elections of 2018, the Mueller probe is unearthing a widening view of Russian interference in the 2016 elections and our intelligence agencies are revealing its ongoing efforts in the current election cycle. I think Trump believes he owes his election to Vladimir Putin’s efforts on his behalf, and has chosen to “deny everything” and play for time- which is his right (and every other citizen’s right, as well) under the Constitution, as the legal walls close in on those closest to him- and ultimately on him.

Trump’s strategy is to keep up the disruption (North Korea, Iran, Autos, Tariffs, EU, cabinet changes…Russia) which the electorate finds entertaining- like a soap opera- hoping that the entertainment value of his agenda will feed an emotional addiction in his audience, such that they won’t want the “show” to get “cancelled” before they find out “what happened”. The choice the voters will make is to vote Democrat, and “cancel” the show- or to vote Republican and keep it “on the air”.

Our purpose is to offer America another choice- called “New Libertarian”- by widening the current Libertarian Idea to its original (1972) more expansive view of itself and its purpose, and becoming a “big tent party” which attracts a more diverse following, to recruit candidates and start winning elections.

Our focus during this election cycle is to suggest ways you, the electorate, can help in that respect. You can, of course, send us money and help us build our organization. But there is more you can do also to reform the Democratic and Republican parties which now command your loyalty- knowing that 95% of you are already firmly committed to one or the other. Most Libertarians of today vote Republican and most people think of Libertarians as “ultra-conservative”. They call us the “Far Right”.

The Libertarians of 1972 were anti-war, anti draft, anti corruption (“military industrial complex”, etc), anti big and authoritarian government. They promoted tolerance and diversity. They were against Police State, Prison Nation, an intrusive IRS, the tendency of government to want to regulate everything. They championed the Equal Rights Amendment, LGBTQ rights, voting rights, choice with respect to reproductive rights and allowed people to decide for themselves about drugs, prostitution, pornography. Free speech.

The Libertarians of 1972 were for the Founding Documents, which for the first time in history defined a Free Country.






Imagine yourself living in poverty, homeless, no job, sick… and then imagine someone hands you a piece of paper with your name on it. It says you have an huge inheritance, left to you by a deceased ancestor.

Wouldn’t you want to keep reading?


Mission Statement


The U.S. Constitution is a priceless inheritance from our ancestors, the Founding Fathers. Unless you invest an hour of your time reading it, you’ll never know what’s in it.

Don’t rely on the party politicians, the police, the judges, or even the schools- to tell you what’s there. They’re part of a corrupt system paid to keep you from finding out, to keep you in servitude.

The Bill of Rights was not written for the convenience of law enforcement. It was written to make America a free nation- the first of its kind, ever. The United States was to be a place where all men are created equal… endowed with unalienable rights…with a government devoted to guaranteeing those rights.

Our first mission is to make those miracle documents- the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights accessible to the next generation, over the internet.

Our second mission is to enable the original purpose of the U.S. Constitution, and organize its implementation in the digital age. This is a new era, where Direct Democracy is now possible using the power of the computer and the cheap communication the internet provides.


In 2016 America, there were three political parties with ballot access- the Democrats, the Republicans and the Libertarians. It’s taken the Libertarian party 45 years to accomplish it, and that ballot access is almost entirely unused. That makes it a brave new world for people who are disillusioned with our political process.

Our mission, in short, is to recruit and support independent candidates  to use the Libertarian ballot access, and create petitions to go on the ballot direct to The People, sidestepping the corrupt “two-party” system- to give America a real option to the Democrats, Republicans and the Big Money which owns them both and “divides and conquers”, subverts the Constitution to benefit the Big Money.

The well advertised differences between the Democrats and the Republicans have divided the electorate neatly into two almost equal teams, and they pass money and power back and forth like a football. Surprisingly little actually changes when one wins, or the other. Corruption is rampant, and often seems to be the final determinate of American governance, with disastrous consequences.

At the top of the ticket, the elections of 2016 presented America with two unashamedly corrupt candidates- who excused it by claiming they “play by the rules”, which they admited are corrupt. Few Americans would choose either of them to be the leader of our most powerful nation- and yet we found ourselves presented with the unpleasant choice of the “lesser of two evils”, once again.

We believe the Republicans and the Democrats differ like two sheep ranchers, one of which raises white sheep and the other raises black sheep. They argue loudly about the relative merits of one versus the other, but at shearing and slaughter their differences don’t really matter to the sheep.

We understand the American People have strong brand-loyalty to the Republicans and the Democrats. Each vilifies the other, remorselessly-at election time. Most Americans have a very hard time with the proposition that they are really two sides of the same coin, and flipping the coin doesn’t change what it is, at all. It’s money- your money.

They can be seen to be like Coke and Pepsi. An advertisement for Pepsi will make someone who prefers Coke want a Coke. They’re not truly competitors. People might benefit more if they chose milk, juice or water. Our mission at New Libertarians is to offer the electorate many choices of milk- skim, whole, half and half, cream… and many choices of juice and water, instead. We hope we can attract enough of the people away from their product that Coke and Pepsi will be forced to make a more wholesome product. If they won’t, then to be able to compete with them in a free marketplace of ideas.

We intend to become a 501c3 tax exempt organization, our purpose is voter education and empowerment. We take the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights as our founding New Libertarian documents. We take the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution as our Mission Statement. We seek to get all issues out in the open to debate, and become a clearinghouse for empowerment of The People. We welcome everyone, regardless of their political origins, their race, sex, ethnicity…everyone… and their political, economic and religious beliefs, too. We intend to include everyone, and and all our ideas, and then resolve our intramural differences with online voting. We believe that using the power of the internet to gather people together for a common reform mission is our avenue to success.

For those who object that we’re “dangerously democratic”, we answer that the “anti-democratic” forces in America- the finance model of our elections, the corruption, regressive taxation, the secrecy, the Electoral College, Gerrymandering, voter registration and voting restrictions, etc- are deeply entrenched, and America can safely become much more democratic, in our view- before we become “dangerously democratic”. And we seek incremental change using the vote- not violent revolution.

At some point we might decide to become a competing political party, like the Libertarians, but at this time our purpose is to recruit candidates to use the Libertarian ballot access, and open up the Libertarians to a much more diverse group of people than they currently include. We are a separate
organization without any economic affiliation. If you donate money to the New Libertarians, it goes to us, exclusively. They give us no financial support, either- and don’t endorse us. We’ve tried that avenue already, and they’re not interested.

Their strategy is to compete with the Republicans and the Democrats on the basis of ideological arguments on all the “Hot-button” issues they argue about at election time, and raise money the same way- by donations. We think “hot button issues” are “red herrings” designed to divide the electorate into fierce competition along Party lines, divide the vote and neutralize anyone who might want change the status quo, which we believe is corruption driven. They never do anything about the “hot button issues” they use at election time, so they can use them again, again and again. They blame “gridlock”, which we think is intentional- useful as political cover for their corruption.

So we intend to de-emphasize the “red herrings”- we call them “Hot-button non-issues”- for the New Libertarians who seek to represent their constituencies. We’re content to let each constituency decide where they stand on these “red herrings”, and keep our eyes on the prize- winning elections. We intend to be 100% transparent about everything, especially our goals.

We are different from the Libertarians from the very first words of their ideological platform- their Preamble- and we intend to bring enough new people in to overwhelm their old guard and turn the Libertarian Party into a majority party, seeking 50% of the vote, not the current 5% they’ve sought so long and hard and finally got- to get on the ballot. We owe them a debt of gratitude, but now we have to move on upwards.

Since all states have different laws- especially election laws- we’ll need an organization for each State. We intend to start at the bottom -the “grass roots”- the State Representative, and offer support to candidates who will offer honest representation of the will of their Constituency- not the Party, Party Ideology or the Big Money behind the Party. We call it the “One Plank Platform”. Just a few of us in the State Legislatures can create a swing vote on state issues, and have a major impact.

We’ll offer candidates a poll-based CandidateWebsiteTemplate which will allow candidates to fathom the will of the electorate, and pledge to support it. We’ll advertise nationally to get voters to look to us for unbiased news and voter information and cause them to ask, “Why don’t we have that here?”

“We the People, of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure Domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”