Help Us

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Help Us

We live in America, where everything costs money. You can always help us by donating money. But there are other ways you can help, too.

We intend to support ourselves primarily by selling subscriptions to our polling platform. Everyone will be able to view our poll questions and results free, but in order to participate you’ll need to be a subscriber. We’ll make it affordable, you’ll be able to read the monthly poll and decide whether to participate.

We might even try to build a game into it to make it more fun, perhaps you’ll be able to bet what the final polls results with be. We’ll lower the price as soon as we can afford to and are capable of handling the increased traffic. We expect soon it will be half, and your one year subscription will become a two year subscription.

This has two purposes. The first is to generate enough revenue to do what we’re trying to do from the beginning, and the second is to prevent tampering (hacking, etc) of our project and protecting against compromised results. Controlling the “temperature” of our debates will be important, too. If someone insists on being disruptive, threatening, etc- or tries to “buy” our polls- we’ll want to be able to refund their money and say, “Thank you, Goodbye”.

If we have a subscriber’s Name, e-mail address, zip code and credit card number- he has a strong incentive to keep his rhetoric civil. And we hope everyone does. We will want our online polls, petition gathering, pre-primary voting to be as secure as our handling of your credit card data, and linking them together will help us achieve that.

It costs money to create and process these polls, enter the blogs and post the results. We’ll need to hire skilled people to create the Candidate Website Themes to be useful for all the 7383 State Representative elections in 50 different states with different laws, 435 US House races, 100 US Senate, President and Vice President races to enable election honest representation for all these constituencies. It will be very, very big undertaking- involving hundreds of people working on it.

It would be ideal if everything could be free and there would be no barrier to participation for everyone from the very beginning and we might be able to put out an “open” one once in a while, perhaps without the “blog” option- to gather data. We have no “Big Money” backers, yet- and if any decide to support us they know their support for us will be transparent to all- and many of them are already committed in the current system. There is no “dark money” allowed, even though under current law there is none against it- thanks to “Citizen’s United”. We have to be self-supporting from the very beginning, and we have to be 100% transparent about our funding and goals to keep your confidence.

We hope our polls will be entertaining and educational and you’ll pass many enjoyable hours thinking about them- and feel your investment is worthwhile. Maybe teachers will want to use them in their classrooms. Our books will be totally open so you can see where your money goes. In the beginning it will go into web-design, content- and data processing.

We’ll also sell autographed copies of my book, “The New Libertarians”, and subsequent publications, and the usual bumper stickers (, T shirts, campaign signage, etc.

We’ll need a small army of volunteers, in all 50 states. We’ll need web designers, coders, for data processing, polling, linking to state election sites, producing sample ballots, writing voter information… and a thousand, etc’s.

We’ll need people for the ground game, passing out petitions, cards, canvassing communities for local candidates, writing letters to the editors of local papers, soliciting donations, etc. We intend to be ready with a New Libertarian candidate in every election in 2018, with all their very different campaigns in different constituencies with different concerns linked into our nationwide structure so they can benefit from our nationwide advertising- which will also cost a dollar or so.