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The New Libertarians takes as its first mission giving State Representative/State Senate  Montana candidates who wish to follow the New Libertarian idea an effective online presence. Hopefully, with your support, we’ll be able to do this for all offices in every state.

Our goal is to enable candidates to represent the Constituency and the Constitution- not the Party, Party Ideology or the Big Money behind the Party with a reasonably priced (maybe even free) professional interactive website, which will enable them to compete with wealthier candidates- which get their money from special interests.

This will enable them to be more independent of corrupting influence, and give the constituents confidence they can vote for the candidate knowing his goal is to represent their interests.

The template will give him the tools he needs to understand the issues most important to his constituents, and enable him to Pledge to represent his constituents honestly and transparently.

This is a major change in the political model, because the constituency will be aware in real time what their representative is doing with respect to what they care about. Typically the voters only get to interact with their representatives at election time- and after that the lobbies dominate their attention.

The Candidate Website Theme is divided into two parts. The  Candidate’s side where he can display photos of himself, tell his story and try to appeal to his constituents in the standard political way- make them like him and want to vote for him…and the Party Side which is not accessible to be manipulated by the candidate, but includes polls of the constituency- and numbers crunching, so that the candidate knows what his constituents want, and then can pledge to represent those views.

The Party can monitor those polls, and record the votes of the candidates, and then be able to rate the candidate on the basis of how true he is to his constituents expressed wants and needs- and post those ratings on the website.

In the traditional corrupt model we seek to replace, the Party acts as vector of lobby support and the constituency is manipulated with “talking points” supplied by the lobbies and their Super PAC advertising.

The Candidate’s Side also has a bookkeeping/fundraising/compliance tool for his campaign-  which makes compliance with the election/fundraising/accountancy rules easier, as well as provides a “fill in the blanks” template for setting up his Paypal and other accounts he might want to be able to use to collect money.

Since we’re starting in Montana, the first website theme will be designed for Montana. We intend to bring our candidates up through the political system, starting from the bottom- the grassroots- such that these candidates will get the exposure they need to become familiar and make their chances better when they strive for higher office. The computer and the Internet make REAL Democracy possible today to an extent the Founders could never even DREAM of.

The US Constitution gives us the power to change things peacefully- by voting. Half of Americans rarely vote and they are a huge untapped resource. We can turn the government upside down every two years, if that’s what we choose to do. Our next opportunity to change things will be the elections of 2018, and we intend to be ready- with YOUR help.


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