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4/1/2018: Resurrection Day

Easter Sunday, 2018 is also “April Fools Day” this year. Call it “spring fever”, maybe. It’s been a long winter, and it’s grip is finally loosening. It’s also a very important election year in America. The Russians have just resigned themselves to another five years of Putin, after 20 years of consolidating his power he managed to remove all his competition from the ballot by killing them, imprisoning them or disqualifying them. Xi Jinping has consolidated his power in China. Now free from term limits- he can remain ruler for life. Both leaders control their respective “anti-corruption” campaigns- AKA “purges”- such that all the corruption flows through them. North Korea and Iran have corrupt leaders for life, too. Trump is envious, no doubt.

The election of 2018 presents Americans with a difficult political calculus. The Republicans are corrupt to the core, but the Democrats are no better. The same Big Money owns both parties, and they both have the same agenda- regressive taxation, war, police state, corruption- the Rule of Money, Plutocracy. The Republicans are promoting the Greens to divert environmentalist/social justice votes from the Democrats. The Democrats are encouraging the Libertarians to divert the gun/anti-taxation votes from the Republicans. How is a voter to know what to do? The corrupt election process gives the electorate two choices. We can vote to preserve the status quo controlled by the Big Money, or we can “waste” our votes on splinter parties/candidates which are themselves corrupted and can’t win, either.

Most Americans simply won’t vote. So, the first recommendation from is that EVERYONE should get registered and become prepared to vote wisely in their own best interest. That includes YOU! If you don’t vote, you don’t matter. We want everyone to matter. Voting is our most precious political right. Once you’ve decided TO vote, then you’ll have to decide HOW to vote.

If you have nobody to vote FOR, and agree that the system is corrupt- you can express your frustration by voting AGAINST the incumbent- especially if he’s been there a long time and spends a lot of money on his campaign. Somebody pays for his loyalty, find out who that somebody is. You can vote out the incumbent in the next election, too.

Don’t give money to the Democrats or the Republicans. The only reason they solicit money from poor people (like you and me) is because the first rule of electioneering is that if you can get someone to give you $1 you have their vote in your pocket. Plus, they expect you’ll tell all your friends and relatives to vote the same as you do- because of that $1.

The Big Money matters to the politicians, the “little money” is just a deceptive ploy. They brag a lot about this “little money”- but most of that bragging is lying. If you’re going to give money to someone, give it to someone (or an organization) you believe in- or keep it in your pocket. If you want to support someone you like- do it in the primary. That’s where your money has the most effect. The Big Money controls the General Election, which is just a puppet show. Also, give money to people lowest in the political hierarchy- like your State Representative. Don’t waste it on the US House or Senate Race, unless you give it to the Libertarian or the Green candidate.

The simple fact of election finance is that the Big Money spends plenty to influence the “swing vote”. In one (supposedly non-partizan) judge race in Montana in 2016 the Republican PACS spent $200 to influence each “swing vote”. Once the Montana electorate learned what was going on, we ignored the overwhelming advantage he had in advertising- and didn’t vote for him. Montana is a VERY Republican state, too. I’m proud that Montana cares more about liberty and honesty than about political party. That is how I would encourage you to vote. Vote AGAINST the corruption, the dishonesty. If you want to know what’s going on, follow the money. The more they have, the more corrupt they are. Greens and Libertarians are poor. If you can, vote for one of them.

DON’T be a “one-issue voter”. The Democrats and the Republicans divide up the electorate into “core constituencies” based on a few key voter demographics. The competing interests of race, gender, religion, economic status, age, family… are used to fracture the electorate into warring camps, drive the voters to the Republicans and the Democrats. Nothing big is going to change about the “hot-button non-issues” most “one issue voters” use to determine their preference between the Democrats and the Republicans. All the #metoo, abortion, “the Wall”, “black lives matter”, Confederate monuments, and the 2nd Amendment hubbubs are about is dividing up the electorate and herding them to the polls to vote Democrat or Republican. Don’t be fooled. Fact-check EVERYTHING you get in the way of political propaganda, and then refuse to vote as deceivers try to push you. is a pretty reliable source, easy to access.

The most important things the voter needs to know were written in the Founding Documents- the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the US Constitution in 1789, and the Bill of Rights in 1791. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they are no longer applicable to American life, and encourage you to ignore them. They are the very basis of the American Way, and when you take that hour of your precious time to read them you will be amazed at how easy they are to understand, why they make sense, why they are the envy or the world- and how corrupt American politics has become.

As I predicted before Trump was elected- on the basis of his agenda, which is very close to that proposed in Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”- he will be impeached, convicted (unless he quits like Nixon before he’s convicted) and removed from office. I don’t think we need to fear he’ll become another Adolf Hitler (as much as he might like to) because American institutions are still well enough grounded in the Founding Documents and those with leadership responsibility- our Representatives, Senators, Supreme Court as well as our Military know about the Founding Documents and how to use them to prevent the ascension of a Hitler to an American dictatorship. America in 2018 isn’t Germany in 1933, either.

What Trump and his presidency will accomplish, hopefully, is to make Americans aware how precious our Constitution is and how important understanding it is to being an American Citizen. If there is conflict, and corrupt politicians get exposed and lose their jobs, that representatives of The People replace those who owe their privilege to the Plutocracy- that will be great, too.

I think it’s pretty clear to Americans that the Republicans need to get flushed out. Their corruption, ineptitude and aristocratic pretensions have become unbearable. The problem is, the Democrats offer nothing better. Our goal at is to make the dream inherent in the Founding Documents of the eighteenth century, when The People became empowered to choose their own governance- become reality in the twenty-first.






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