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My final project for Interactive Web II is the WordPress translation of my final project for Interactive Web I, which was in HTML5- which most of you have seen. Plus, it’s grown from 10 pages to 65 posted ones with another 40 some under construction.

During the three weeks we lost, I kept writing in HTML5 and so when we got to WordPress I needed a theme which was compatible with my design- which is like Wikipedia’s ( my favorite site) and I needed help- and Ali Holst suggested I talk to Chris Van Orden about Divi, and he set up my first page- and I kept learning working on it from his set-up.

If we go to the WP-ADMIN, VISIT SITE, HOME PAGE and then to the EDIT PAGE- you can see how Divi is set up. It allows you to lay out many different DIV structures- and mine was one of them- and put in different DIV modules, designed for different purposes- which you can label, and move from page to page.

You see on the HOME PAGE, my HEADER MODULE is BLUE RUSHMORE. In the BODY section, most of them are TEXT modules, labelled for content.

I want to point out the DEVELOPER TEXT MODULE which links to the DEVELOPER PAGE, where I give credit to Ali for her help and patience with this tech-challenged old man. I haven’t got Chris Van Orden’s up yet- I just did Alis last week. Developer notes will be changed as work progresses.

I wanted to have page-specific sub-navigation, and DIVI’s menu setup limits you to three, and the CSS has to be modified beyond my abilities- so I solved the problem with a custom TEXT SUB-NAV module, specific in this case to HOME PAGE.

There’s also a PHONE TEXT NAV module, to get to the MAIN content faster on a handheld device. The best way to grasp the site is via the SITE MAP page, the link is on every page, highlighted in the Page Specific SUB NAV. Its also outlined in the MAIN MENU. Once again, I looked at how Wikipedia is laid out.

If we VISIT SITE, go to AUTHOR, there’s also an IMAGE module with my picture, as well as AUTHOR SUB NAV which links to ESSAYS, SPEECHES, and WEBSITES.

Because I want this to be very fast to load on all equipment and infrastructure, I kept images very small- 5 seconds max to load, currently no videos, no fancy fonts. I hate to stare at a blank screen waiting for pictures/videos to load, so I’d like to be able to give people something to do- like read text- while images/videos and other slow moving things load. I need SEO, but I’m not in a hurry to get too much traffic until I’m ready for it. At this stage I need to raise money to pay for development- so the site is designed as an ad for a plan. I need the DONATE form to work, right away.

Thank you all for your patience with me.

Developer notes: This is where the developer notes may be found. Needs: SEO, anti-spam, poll tabulation/server, Donate/Paypal/bitcoin, Developer link form.

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