Developer Page

The Author is a writer, not a web designer, and because interactivity between citizen and government enabled by the internet is the basic idea, of we need good website design- and a lot of it.

I’ll interact with developers on the Developer blog.

This page will enable devolopers to create links to their own websites in return for help they’ve given me. We’ll also want to be able to subcontract web-development projects like CSS changes beyond my limited abilities, Search Engine Optimization, spam protection, blog management, widgets, plug-ins, apps…1000 etcs.

The function of the site which needs to work before anything else will is the “Donate” form.  We’re going to need people working in all 50 states, and a lot of them will need to be paid. We need to develop the Candidate Website Theme to be useful in all 50 states in State Representative/State Senate elections- and that alone will cost $50,000 (I’ve been told) to create. Maybe more.

We’ll have to be able to process polls and display results, there will be over 20 active blog categories which will need to be managed. The best way to get a job with will be to volunteer with us during the beginning stages of the project.

We’ll also ask for bids to build portions of the site. Because we want it be very fast on even outdated equipment on primitive infrastructure all over the world- we’ll want to be careful about having optimized images (5 seconds, max) no slow text fonts, and if we want to include videos, etc- they’ll need to be very fast to load. I’m impatient with slow websites- and I expect other people are, too.

Security will become important as soon as we’re up, because we’ll be handling a lot of people’s money and data and political websites invite controversy. I want to be a writer and will provide governance and standards for the site, but until a lot more people become involved this project is going nowhere.


Developer notes: This is where a developer finds what the author thinks is needed on this page.

Thanks to Ali Holst for her help and patience with a tech-challenged old man. Chris