The Rules

The Rules

The First Rule is that everyone needs to be accountable. If you’re not willing to attach your name and sacred honor to what you say- then say it somewhere else. There are of plenty of other places on the internet where you can blow off steam anonymously.

Using the ballot to create change is our basic strategy, and in order to vote you must register and identify yourself. You may only vote once. To get full access to everything we have to offer you- you need to be a registered voter, and we need to know who you are- just like the Founders who signed the Declaration of Independence.

That being said, if you are a citizen of a foreign country which lacks American civil rights protections, or if you are prohibited from voting because your civil rights have been restricted- we still care about you and what you think and have to contribute to the debate. We welcome you, also.

Including more people in the political process – even many who are currently excluded- is a big part of our core purpose.

For those of you who feel the dangers of associating with us are too high- we invite you to observe to your heart’s content anonymously. But if you want to participate, you must be willing to stand up and be identified with what you believe. Transparency is crucial.

Our online pre-primary and primary ballots will be “Australian”- just like regular primaries and general elections. We want people to be able to vote freely- without fear of retribution.


2. The Second Rule is that we all have to be reasonable, open minded and polite. It means that we’re tolerant of other people having different core values, different priorities, and understanding things differently. We seek consensus. Some issues involve “irreconcilable differences”, and we’ll sometimes have to agree to disagree and accept those things as they are as an organization- and let the local constituencies decide for themselves how they want their representatives to act on their behalf. This is not the place to have heated arguments about “hot-button issues” the Democrats and Republicans use to solidify their brand loyalty.

We seek to enable people to learn from one another, reason with each other, share points of view. We want to gather huge numbers of people together to act together for common good- and seeking consensus is crucial to the goal of our project. It’s a delicate balance between encouraging diverse views and achieving consensus- but that’s our goal.


3. The Third Rule is that we agree who the opposition is- it’s the corrupt status quo, and those who are devoted to maintaining it. It’s done by a collusion of the two major parties to divide and control the American People- for the benefit of those who bankroll their political existence.

This is the hardest Rule to understand. Most Americans are thoroughly sold on one party or the other, and are convinced that choosing by party affiliation is a good way to make the best choice. Each party’s loyalist makes his argument- usually on the basis of one issue which never changes and serves to keep him perpetually in one camp or the other, fearful and loathing the other, blind to their own party’s corruption.

Removing those “blinders” is crucial. Exposing those who use the veil of secrecy, deceit, manipulation,coercion and corruption of our government to gain and maintain unfair advantage- those who seek to frighten, manipulate, control and coerce us to benefit themselves, to our detriment- is our goal. Most of what the government hides is for the purpose of protecting the interests of the Big Money which funds them, and we think it should be exposed.

Our strategy is to expose them, enable legal and non-violent resistance to their actions and institutions, enable boycott of their products, rejection of their corrupted candidates, and put citizen originated issues and opposition candidates on the ballot to counter their subversions and offer the electorate a real choice.

They are the Democratic Party leadership, the Republican Party leadership and even the Libertarian Party leadership- and those candidates/office holders who know how the corruption works and choose to play. The Plutocrats which own the parties, the puppeteers which pull the strings- they need to be exposed, and the people need to be able to use protests and boycotts to de-incentivize the corruption.

Dark Money PAC’s  which hide the identities of their contributers keep the nation at war all over the world, they tax The People unfairly- regressively, they write laws, regulations, prohibitions, entitlements and determine foreign policy to benefit their big-money patrons. They corrupt everything they touch. They use the military as “garbage men” all over the world- and they have no loyalty to America or Americans.

We wish to promote the Libertarian Ideals of Peace, Liberty, Justice, Fair Markets, Fair Taxes, Safety, Transparency, Health and Happiness- honoring the institutions of Liberty, Private Property Rights and inalienable Civil Rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.


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