War and Peace

The real issues

What if they had a war and nobody came?

War and Peace

Read the Declaration of Independence past it’s lofty introduction and you will find a long litany of complaints the American colonies had with  the foreign policies of The Crown, The King- and their condition being subject to an authoritarian imperialistic regime. The rallying cry of the first insurrections was, “No taxation without representation!”

240 years later the United States is facing the same objections to our foreign policy from nations around the world-as well as at home. People want representation in their governments, self determination.  We are currently in “hot” wars- American soldiers killing and being killed in combat- in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, Yemen… more wars brewing in Iran, Korea, Sudan, Ukraine- American troops are in over 80 countries, ready for action.

Like the Revolutionary war era Brits, we’re relying increasingly on mercenaries in order to subvert domestic political opposition-to the war-policy. we call them “contractors”. They protect oil wells and other economic interests of an international ruling class, backed up by the US Army, and the US Taxpayer. Is this what the American people want? Is this what the Founders intended?

At the same time inside America, there’s a corrupt ruling class which is regressively taxing without representation the American People, and building a police state with millions of new prison cells to be able to intimidate and coerce Americans. The Crown moved soldiers into people’s homes to coerce compliance with their rules, restrictions and taxes- and we had a revolution..

Today police are ever more numerous in all their manifestations-airport security, mass surveillance, city state and federal, BATF, IRS, FBI, CIA, INS…and increasingly brutal- using military equipment and tactics on citizens, with mass incarcerations, and now they’re even starting mass executions. There’s always a job for a thug in law enforcement- it’s a growth industry.

Many poor Americans see the military and the police as their only opportunity for upward mobility, just as Germans of the 1930s did. They didn’t know they were heading for a police state and a world war until it was too late.

Luckily, we have something the colonists didn’t- the US Constitution, and elections. The power it gives us to choose our representatives via elections can now be used to put The People in charge of the government, and make it perform its intended function- to serve the People. Not visa versa.

When the Constitution was written, the Pony Express wasn’t even in existence- communications took weeks even months. People needed representatives because they couldn’t represent themselves. Today we have the internet, communications around the world are light-speed instantaneous. The Democrats, Republicans and Old Libertarians are living in an antiquated system, and think they can preserve the status quo by dividing the electorate  and colluding to obstruct change- gridlock-, and use the internet to propagandize The People- but the New Libertarians know we can create a new majority which can change things- big things. Like wars, taxes, corruption.

Some Americans think it’s time for a Second American Revolution- of the “hot”, shooting type- and there is talk inside The Establishment of changing the Second Amendment to prevent it. That would probably precipitate the conflict they’re trying to prevent. Another way they could precipitate it would be to shut down the internet, block communications for groups like ours which are trying to use the Constitution to realize the dreams of Our Founders- create change peacefully through elections, creating and relying on a knowing electorate.

So, they continue to build the military, the police state and the prison nation in preparation to defend the Plutocracy. We intend to organize the electorate to vote them out, the way the Founders intended the system to work.

If you don’t like war, you need an alternative to the Democrats and the Republicans.

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