The New Libertarians


One of the big differences between the New Libertarians and the Libertarians is that the Libertarians provide little or no support of their candidates. New Libertarians provide a high powered web-presence which enables our candidates to compete, the New Libertarian Candidate Theme.

We will lease this theme at a very reasonable price to New Libertarian candidates running as Libertarians or Independents- ones which will Pledge to the “One Plank Platform”, to

“Represent the Constitution and the Constituency- not the Party, Party Ideology or the Big Money behind the Party.”

Candidates running and representing the Republican, Democratic or other party who will not take the Pledge will be able to lease the Theme, also- a higher price, but only if there is no New Libertarian in the contest.

What defines a “New Libertarian Candidate is the Pledge.

During the election will advertise nationally, and all New Libertarian candidates- even in small, local elections- will benefit from the nationwide advertising. The main thrust of the effort will be aimed at State Representative and State Senate races, because those are at the grass roots effort to create a new class of political players, expose them to the electorate, and enable them to succeed and raise their sights higher in subsequent elections.

This is another difference between the New Libertarians and the Libertarians- Libertarians field perennial candidates into the top level races and rarely get more than 3% of the vote. They court the “protest vote” and sometimes “spoil” elections, but never win them. We want to start winning elections.

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