Imagine, each politician’s constituent could voice his views and concerns directly to his representative, and his representative was obligated to honor his Pledge to represent his Constituency- not the Party, Party Ideology- or the Lobbies…

Internet Plebiscite


The online poll is the most basic part of the New Libertarian Idea. In order for the candidate to represent the constituency, he has to know what the constituency wants. Rather than try to TELL the constituency what they want- like the Democrats, Republicans and the current Libertarians do- the New Libertarian ASKS. The first candidate to try this method was Donald Trump, and he achieved an astounding and unexpected victory. We gathered polls he sent to his supporters, and we used his web code to create our own polls.

The Trump campaign took campaign polling to a new level. Rather than use polls as a typical transparent propaganda vehicle, Trump employed the strategy of sending out good polls to their select group of supporters from whom they could expect to get the results they wanted. He also scored points with voters by being willing to ask the important questions and give the poll-taker the opportunity to give a satisfying response. That’s new.

Then, Trump could process the polls and tailor his message to his target audience, but at the same time he could ignore the results at his leisure- and those who took his polls might assume he was responding to the “will of the people”- and support him for that reason alone. It was a very good strategy, and I think it won him the election.

His opponent shrouded herself in secrecy at the same time he was demonstrating transparency. It was masterful, if deceptive. So, we took Trump’s campaign polls- the ones we could capture, and publish them on our website. Now they’re ours, and everyone can access them. We can process them and publish the results, and thereby put a finger on the pulse of the nation. Except for his first one, which was a typical biased political poll- they are very good polls. We’ll create even better ones in real time as our leaders have to make decisions about current events which affect everyone, and process them fast- and publish the results in time to influence
these decisions.

That is our primary stock in trade, why you should send us money and volunteer your time and effort and promote us with your friends, neighbors and family.

The effect this can have is that the political real estate currently controlled by the plutocracy using the “divide and conquer” strategy abetted by the parties will become opened up to democracy. Were the electorate to be enabled to choose whether we wish to continue with current policy- or not- with respect to the military, taxation, prohibition, entitlements, policing, incarceration, etc… would we make the same choices? Perhaps we would, but perhaps we wouldn’t.

I have my own opinions, which I’m willing to share with anyone interested. But this isn’t about me trying to promote my own opinions. This is about increasing democracy in America, and around the world. Libertarians promote world peace through free trade, open borders, limited government, rule of law with their strictly defined ideology. New Libertarians think The People of all nations want those same things for themselves- and would choose them freely, if they could. People don’t need to be told what they want, and coerced to do it- rather they should be asked and choose freely. We believe that The People would choose democracy enabled by clean, transparent, robust accountable government – and we want to make it available, even if the Plutocracy and their corrupt puppet Democrats and Republicans don’t like it. We expect many current Libertarians will see the wisdom in supporting us, too.

President Trump’s best poll, State of the Union Survey , you can take right now!

A good poll asks the important questions, gives the poll taker the opportunity to give a satisfying answer- and then processes the poll and displays the results for everyone to see. Then, if the candidate pledges to do as his constituents wish- he has poll data to back up his decisions.

 Most polls ask biased and leading questions, and most candidates never bother to process their polls. Why would they? Their purpose its to lead the poll taker to the candidate’s party’s ideology- and collect money. Our polls enable us to do what the others don’t- represent YOU!  Below is our First Internet Poll, but it will be replaced periodically with newer polls.



 First Internet Plebiscite

This poll has 30 questions, and the template was “liberated” from the Trump Campaign, because it was the best in 2016. It’s a real poll, not just a propaganda vehicle. There are four choices, and the last one links to one of our blog-categories. Please answer the entire poll first with the first three choices, then go back and choose (up to) five questions to blog about- the ones most important to you. In the last space, tell us what you think we can do to make the poll better.


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