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TM: The Preamble

TM: First for a Reason

TM:The Guarantee

TM: The Third Amendment

TM: The Fourth

TM: Leviathan

To the Oath Keepers

To the MT Libertarians




The Author has given a series of speeches on various subjects- most important being those about the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights before a Toastmaster’s speechmaking/judging group.

Every politician needs to have a handy speech ready- because even his best stump speech gets tiresome if the same audience hears it too often. Constitutional topics are sure winners, because everyone likes to hear about it- but few indeed wish to read it for themselves.

I would almost always rather read a speech than listen to one. Lucky for you this website has decided against videos for the sake of speed. You probably wouldn’t want to hear me speak anyway.-CC

Developer notes: Get Toastmaster Preamble/Bill of Rights speeches, imbed nav

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