This is not a “sexual preference” question. That question will appear later, and you’ll have an opportunity to answer it then. 99+% of people should answer Male or Female.¬†You have three choices how you wish to identify yourself. A “Male” has the genome XY, and identifies as a man. A “female” has the genome XX, and identifies as a woman. “Other” can be XXY, XYY, hermaphrodite, transsexual- or who doesn’t identify as someone who matches their genome. If you’re genome XYY, and identify as male, then check “Male”. If you’re genome XY (male), but pass as female- then check “Other”.

The purpose of this question is for us to learn who is interested in Most American Libertarian Party members (3-1) are male- and they’re lucky to get 5% of the votes.

We want to appeal to a wider demographic, because we want to win elections. We’d like it if we get a distribution which reflects the population as a whole – 50/50. That would show we’re “mainstream”, where we want to be. If we get something different, then we need to find out why, and fix it.