The real issues

The biggest Libertarian issue this year is WAR-, rather “The Wars”. We’re at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen- just to name a few of the obvious one- we have troops in over 80 nations, covert operations going all over the globe. And more wars brewing in Nigeria, Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine… with would- be puppet governments trying to entice America to bring our weapons and money and become involved.

And we’re in Cold War with Russia, Iran and North Korea. Not one of these wars are wars of self- defense- and so as a Libertarian I’m prepared to oppose all of them. Congress should stand up and defend its Constitutional power to make war- and put each of them to a vote. If we did that, I predict we’d see lots of Libertarians win elections, all over the country. If I’m elected I’ll speak and vote against these unnecessary wars at every opportunity.

I firmly believe a Libertarian presidential candidate who promised on his first day in office the immediate cessation of hostilities and the beginnings of withdrawal would would get more than 3.5% of the vote. These wars do not enhance democracy, make America safer- they enable Global Capitalism to exploit and oppress all the peoples of the world- including Americans. America is fed up with the endless and futile wars, being expected to shed American blood and treasure for the profits of people with no loyalty to America, or Americans.

The Democrats and the Republicans pass power back and forth, and the wars go on uninterrupted- no matter what the candidates say. Nixon was going to bring “peace, with honor” to Vietnam, Obama called the Iraq war a “Dumb War”, and even voted against it- but eight years later it’s worse than ever. Now Trump is taking his turn.

Winning hearts and minds with guns and bombs simply doesn’t work- no matter how many of their leaders we torture and corrupt. Is anyone confused about my stand on this issue?

The Second Big issue is TAXES. The Libertarian ideal, embodied in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is the result of an independent, prosperous and well educated middle class. It started in Europe, during a period called “The Enlightenment”. It was when science and industry were out- competing the old feudal system- where a few Lords, Ladies and Clergy danced in grand ballrooms, and many serfs lived in huts and toiled to survive- and TAXES kept serfs powerless.

We’re headed back there today. The American middle class has been decimated by EXCESSIVE, REGRESSIVE TAXATION. The median American in 2014 paid a MINIMUM of 30% of his NET WORTH in regressive taxes. The median American had a NET WORTH about the same as his yearly income. If the cost of taxes passed through the products we buy, and which we pay as part of their price were counted as taxes- the percent could be as high as TWICE that- 60%. The American Dream of upward mobility for the vast majority of the people has become a myth. It is virtually impossible to get ahead in that system if you religiously obey the law.

The poorer you are, the higher your rate of taxation. A homeless man living in his car working at a minimum wage job pays many times his NET WORTH in taxes. The homeowner who is underwater on his mortgage- which means he owes more than his home is worth- still pays the same taxes on that home as his neighbor who owns his identical home outright. Same goes for his car. He pays insurance on his home and car- not to protect himself, but to protect the bank.

The Democrats and the Republicans, as with WAR, throw the football back and forth- but nobody proposes any “progressive” taxation. Nobody even proposes FLAT taxation- even though they come up with OXYMORONIC names like “Progressive Income Tax”, “Fair tax” and “Flat tax” for increasingly regressive tax schemes. The so-called “Fair Tax” is a National sales tax- the most

regressive tax scheme of all.

I think we need FAIR TAXATION, where those who BENEFIT most from the American System PAY the most to support it- in EXACT proportion to how much they benefit. I propose a FLAT tax on ASSETS. Why shouldn’t foreign investors in US assets (like stocks, bonds) contribute to the system which protects their assets? If ALL other taxation were eliminated- all those hundreds of taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, fuel, income, sales, value added, etc- ALL those regressive taxes- the rate would be between 1% and 2%- and all budgets would be balanced. That Median American would have $12,000 more to spend, save or invest every year if he paid FAIR TAXES. Then, the middle class could begin to be rebuilt in America.

The third big issue is ENTITLEMENTS. If we quit spending trillions on war for corporate profits , began to collect taxes fairly- then this is next. I think the most cost effective and beneficial to the Nation entitlement is PUBLIC EDUCATION. Then the nation needs a bare-bones PUBLIC HEALTH CARE, focused on PREVENTION, NUTRITION, SHELTER. If those who can afford super-duper medicine want it, they can pay for it or buy insurance to pay for it. As it is now, the die-young poor subsidize the long-lived rich through Social Security, Medicare.

It’s the same with nutrition and housing. The basics of healthy nutrition and shelter from the elements should be available, FREE- to everyone. It won’t be fancy, roomy or comfortable- but it will be there. It will enable a teenager to stay in school, even if his family can no longer afford to support him- rather than put him out on the street selling drugs or his body or in other criminal enterprise.

Yes, I’m talking about RATIONING. Public education, free health care, free nutrition, free shelter work together to build a better society. Some of you might object- this is not LIBERTARIAN, this is SOCIALISM, as if the two things are opposites. My answer to that objection is simply this- They’re not adversaries- they’re partners in the creation of the truly free society the Founders imagined.