The Rogues Gallery


I’ve often referred to Trump’s appointments as a mob “Rogue’s Gallery”, so I thought it would be entertaining to elucidate that further. I wrote this in 12/17, and it’s due an update. The “Oil-igarch” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson  became a “Sacrificial Pawn”, and was replaced by “The Inquisitioner” (AKA”Inky”) Mike Pompeo.  “Looter” Scott Pruitt went from head of EPA to “Sacrificial Pawn” before I could even include him in the Rogues Gallery. “Manny” Manaforte and “Iron Mike II” Flynn are in the talons of the law, maybe squealing- maybe hoping to be pardoned. “The Donald” is talking about pardoning himself, instead.

The leader of the gang is “The King”, POTUS, who wishes he could be a king, instead of a political mobster.  AKA “The Donald”, Trump , formerly a bankrupt real estate con man, self-promoter and “reality show” ringmaster, following in the footsteps of this father Fred, and grandfather-Friedrich Drumpf who changed the name. Fathered four kids with three wives, had numerous girlfriends, put his fictitious name and makes money on dozens of commercial buildings he doesn’t own -in many countries around the world, especially where the leadership is corrupt and the people are oppressed. No sensible bank would loan him money again. Claims to be rich, with the IRS is investigating his taxes, and the numerous investigations into multiple corruption scandals involving him- he might actually be broke. He paid a fine for running a corrupt “Trump University”, which issued worthless diplomas paid for with taxpayer money. He ignores the “emoluments clause” of the Constitution, confident most of his base won’t know what its about, and don’t care. He got chosen by an infuriated American electorate tired of corruption, being offered the perennial choice between the “lesser of two evils”- and this time chose the “greater”, in a fit of desperation. He promised to be disruptive, claimed he’d “Drain the Swamp.” It must be said, he’s delivered on the disruption at least.

His lapdog assistant “The Clown Prince”, the Vice President Mike Pence. Second in line to succeed “The King”, meticulously groomed and well dressed he was brought aboard to confuse the southern religious fundamentalists and get them to vote for a bankrupt northern mammon-worshipper, liar, cheat &thief, womanizer and whoremonger – and make it unnecessary for “The King” to put on a distasteful disingenuous religious display for which he’d likely be ridiculed. Just being a confirmed racist who would agree to be against abortion and pro-gun was good enough for most of these “Christians”, and “The Clown Prince” piously sealed the deal.

More important after the election than Pence to Trump is “Consiglieri” Jared Kushner, husband to his beautiful and well spoken daughter, Ivanka. Trump relies on him to supply behind-the-scenes brains to his otherwise apparently dimwit operation. Like Trump, Kushner is primarily concerned with accumulating wealth and power- and the end justifies the means, whatever it is. Trump’s Nazi/KKK core constituency calls Kushner “Jew Boy”, but tolerate him because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and their hate for dark-skinned people and Muslims trumps their hate for Jews.

Secretary of State, “The Oil-igarch” , Rex Tillerson, former Exxon CEO whose company made billions evading Russian sanctions while he was in charge (for which the company paid a tiny fine), has the job of funneling worldwide corporate and sovereign corruption into a pipeline to support “The King”, and delivering his secret promises for (among other things) “tax cuts”  and keeping colonial wars going, supporting dictators… for huge multinational corporations- like Exxon. (note: at the time of this revision, he’s gone from “Rogues Gallery” to “Sacrificial Pawn”- replaced by “Inky” Mike Pompeo, ex CIA director responsible for the torture of Islamic prisoners in secret prisons…)

Attorney General “Hang ‘em High” Sessions is in charge of continuing his lifetime work as a Jim Crow prosecutor, voting rights suppressor and Bill of Rights subverter. He could be found guilty of treason, too- in the Russia investigation, from which he’s recused himself. “The King” thought he’d be able to stonewall that investigation by appointing Sessions, but Sessions put his own safety first- expecting Mike Flynn (see “Iron Mike II”, below -with “Sacrificial Pawns”) will take the blame.

Secretary of Defense, “Mad Dog Mattis”, needed Congressional approval to override a constitutional ban on hiring military brass to be in charge of Defense. The Founders thought the military ought to be under civilian control, but “The King” thinks differently. The military does what it is told without thought, question or hesitation. It’s what they’re famous for, and it’s what “The King” might need them for. The more of them he can have around him the better, he thinks.

Energy Secretary, “Forgetful” Rick Perry, former Texas governor in the pocket of oilmen, put in charge of an agency he once said he wished to abolish but couldn’t remember the name of it- only learned once appointed to the post that he was in charge of America’s nuclear program…duh…who would have thought?

Treasury is controlled by “Money” Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs exec, whose job is to make the banks bigger, richer- like casinos too big to fail, backed with taxpayer money- and get the Federal Reserve to back “The King” and all his policies, whatever they turn out to be. An independent Fed might be inconvenient.

Public Education is controlled by “Preppie” DeVos, someone who has always opposed spending money on public schools, preferring to subsidize private schools with public funds. Never been in a public school herself, thinks poor people don’t need an education anyway. If they want to learn to read, they should go to Sunday School.

Interior Secretary “Circus Seal” Ryan Zinke, former Navy SEAL one term congressman from Montana, who wrangled for Secretary of Defense but was put in change of despoiling America’s public lands for corporate profits. His big PAC which got him elected didn’t feel betrayed, at all. Montana, whose people greatly value their pristine public lands and waters, is largely spared- because Zinke might want to come home some time. Lucky for me, I live in Montana. Not so lucky for everyone else.

“Uncle Tom” Ben Carson is the token-negro in the heavily bigoted administration, in charge of defunding, confusing and demoralizing HEW. He collects his salary, keeps quiet, stays out of the way and does what he’s told- as “good boys” should.

Nominating Supreme Court Justice “The Word” Neal Gorsuch, appointed to replace the ferociously intelligent, independent  and fun-loving “Originalist” Antonin Scalia but currently seems more in the proud category of “Silent” Clarence Thomas… could be Trump’s biggest mistake. He might actually be what he’s touted to be- intelligent, courageous and devoted to the Constitution- and it could turn out badly for “The King”. Each of these preceding him in the “Rogues Gallery” serve at the convenience of “The King” and can become “Sacrificial Pawns”- except Gorsuch.

UPDATE: Brett Kavanaugh is the latest rogue in the gallery. To make up for by chance appointing someone (Gorsuch) to the Supreme Court who might know and understand the Constitution, and could use his authority as Supreme Court Justice to uphold the Constitution- Kavanaugh is a drunk, completely corrupt, and in the pocket of “The King” and happy to ignore the Constitution to protect his benefactors- Trump and the Republicans…at least for now. He was appointed for his “expansive” view of presidential power (including the power to pardon himself for whatever…)  his disregard for the Due Process guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment, his Trump-compatible view of women, and his partisan hatred of Democrats.

The “Sacrificial Pawns”.

In the game of chess, protecting your King is the first priority, and pawns are routinely sacrificed to do that, as well as to advance your attack on the opposing King. If a pawn can survive long enough to advance to the opposite end- he can be reborn into a more powerful previously lost piece. This is what motivates pawns to be willing to sacrifice themselves. Plus, they can often get pardoned by “The King” for their foibles. They sometimes get to wait in jail awhile before they’re pardoned, and sometimes lose their nerve and cut a deal… so the weak ones get pardoned right away.

“The King” likes military men, thinks they’re loyal and strong enough to withstand going to jail. His father put him in a military academy, where he was elected “Ladies Man”- a curious distinction at an all-male military school. A Vietnam-era draft dodger himself, he feels reassured that military men are willing to blindly sacrifice themselves to save their leader- and he knows he’ll need a lot of sacrificial “pawns” to accomplish his goals. Some of his “Rogues Gallery” will become “Sacrificial Pawns”, and some already have.

First on this list is “Iron Mike II” Mike Flynn- Trump’s national security advisor for his campaign. Former military- a General, no less- Flynn made his retirement living as a “foreign agent”, something you’re supposed to register yourself as being, just so everyone knows- but he forgot to register. Then he lied to the FBI. He’s in big trouble. Today he made a deal with Mueller to cooperate. Everyone’s holding his breath, waiting to see what happens.

“Iron Mike I”, Mike Tyson was a black prize fighter (falsely, in my opinion) convicted of rape Trump sought to exploit, then discarded… who went to jail, and his life and career went down the toilet. He could have been one of the great ones, too- were he properly handled.

Trump sacrificed lots of pawns before he became president, in business as well as on his way to becoming president. Trump hopes Mike Flynn won’t “squeal”- at least not right away… but traitors are usually cowards (even ex-Generals)- so Trump might have to pardon him quicker than he’d like to.

Another is “Mr. Chaos”, rumpled Steve Bannon. Like Flynn, Bannon was useful to get Trump elected but turned out to be a liability- he infuriates half the electorate, women- and got moved aside. But he still makes trouble, at this time backing Roy Moore’s Senate race in Alabama for all the wrong reasons.

Trump’s been through a couple of press secretaries, too- whose job it is to interpret his nutty and conflicting tweets and incoherent ad-lib speeches to inquiring journalists. One,“The Mooch” Scarmucci lasted just a few days. Rumored to follow, perhaps to be moved from “Rogues Gallery” to the “Sacrificial Pawns” list could be “Hang ‘em High” Sessions and “Oil-igarch” Tillerson.

Trump’s problem is that if he fires them, his whole house of cards might come down- because they’re both “heavies” in their own right, with their own corrupt power bases. When they tip over, they’re likely to bring more down, maybe including “The King”.

Trump and Sessions fired Richard Comey, the FBI Director looking into the “Russia Scandal” who started his investigation under Obama- thinking they could get away with it because Comey irritated the Democrats, too. He’d like to fire Mueller- special prosecutor named as the result of Comey’s firing to investigate the “Russia Scandal”. Now, “Iron Mike II” is in the talons of the law, and the investigation is getting perilously close to Trump, particularly to his not very bright namesake “Sonny” Trump, and his former campaign manager “Manny” Manafort. When Mueller starts twisting the screws on “Iron Mike II”,“Sonny” and “Manny”, “The King” might have some big decisions to make, fast.

Each of these “sacrificial pawns” might benefit from a chat with “Iron Mike I” about Trump’s capacity for return-loyalty- as well as most of the bankers, backers, construction companies and clients which did business with him over the years as they consider their options while the walls move in on them ever closer. Mike was on TV lately… what’s that about?

Perhaps “The King” will decide America needs a BIG distraction, maybe even a “limited” nuclear war with North Korea? So what if it kills a million South Koreans- they’re just “gooks” anyway, aren’t they?The Republicans are still in control of the Congress, so maybe he can invoke martial law… postpone the 2018 elections….? Meanwhile, he needs to campaign for Roy Moore…he’s gotta keep that crucial Republican Senate vote to deliver the “tax cuts” to the multi-nationals who promised to fund him in 2020…

In 2016 the American People chose disruption, and we’re getting it. Or are we? How much disruption is too much disruption? And where does it lead? When is it time for REAL reform? Is putting a mobster in charge the right answer?

No doubt many of you will think my attitude towards Donald Trump and the Republicans is partizan, and can be dismissed as merely such. Had the other mob, “Crooked” Hillary Clinton been elected, she would have been in my crosshairs instead, along with “Slick Willie”,”Oreo” Obama, “Chuckie”, “Nancy”, “Debbie”, “Lizzie”, “Brazzie” and the lot of them. Even “Indy” Bernie Sanders is a huge disappointment. I actually had hopes for him. Silly me. I used to think one was more corrupt-the other less- than the other, but now I think we need to be rid of all of them, and their colluding so-called “two party” system. As in ancient Rome, our government has become a wild orgy of every kind of excess, and we pay the tab. It’s time to clean up the mess.

Paradoxically, I think electing Trump was the best thing we could do- under the circumstances. Veterinarians sometimes employ the strategy to aggravate the chronic condition until it becomes acute- and then treat it aggressively. It works by alerting the immune system to the problem, and attacking it from both directions- from within, as well as from without. It’s a similar idea to “…if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger…” Like the politics in recent times, human doctors treat symptoms with palliatives, and never attack the root cause of the problem. Where’s the profit in actually “curing” anything when you can make a killing alleviating symptoms?

Trump and his mob might aggravate the corruption problem to the point the electorate could actually do something about it. There was no chance Hillary Clinton and her well oiled smiling incumbent bureaucratic machine would change anything to displease the Plutocracy. The big question is… what will follow Trump? Will the electorate just flip the coin back to the corrupt Democrats? New Libertarians want to offer another choice- Direct Democracy. Enable The People to speak for themselves, ourselves.

Bringing up a new generation of political players and creating institutions to replace the puppets and their corrupt political parties with a government loyal to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights…with a commitment to full transparency and clean, lean governance  devoted to serving The People- not the Parties, Party “Ideology”, or the Plutocracy behind the parties- is the purpose of New Libertarians. Please help us. We can’t expect support from any of the big multinational corporations. They are very happy with the status quo… it has to come from you.